Made to Measure

Simon Stewart Clothing specialize in the Made To Measure service.

What is Made to Measure?

A made-to-measure suit refers to a suit that’s made from an existing pattern then modified to meet your exact measurements and provide a better fit—for example, if you need a wider shoulder or a shorter length than the ready-to-wear jackets you see in the shop.

Made-to-measure—which could also be described as custom-made—differs from a ready-to-wear garment that’s altered to fit you. This is because the tailor takes more measurements.

As with ready-to-wear, you’ll see a range of different style and fit options on the rack in store. The difference is that you’ll meet with a tailor to ensure the garment is made to your exact specifications. The initial appointment should consist of an in-depth discussion with the tailor to establish your requirements.

These measurements typically include:

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